The Colony – Coney Island, New York 1998

In the beginning was The Colony. It was conceived in 1997 by Pernell Morrison. He created a group called Black Underground. It consisted of Dj’s Tabu, Michael Menton, Timmy Richardson (that’s me), and the legendary NYC DJ Paradise. He joined them in 1998 and filmed some great footage which you see in this video.

Pernell’s idea was to bring the underground house heads out to the Coney Island Boardwalk to dance under the sun. Or when that thunderstorm hit, you could dance in the rain. What better refreshment on a hot day. One thing Pernell dreamed of was the parties on the Boardwalk becoming a staple in NYC culture much like the drummers in Prospect Park on Sundays. He stopped throwing the parties after about 7 years, and various incarnations have taken over, including DHP Radio’s Sandcastles with Preston & Friends. And I’m happy to say that that dream did come true as any Coney Island regular or resident knows, there will be music on The Boardwalk once the hot days of summer come.

Enjoy this vintage footage shot and narrated by DJ Paradise in 1998 with Black Science Orchestra’s – “Sunshine” jammin’ in the background. Enjoy and feel free to leave comments below.

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