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  1. KJ Jones

    Hey, D! Maaaaaaaan, I DESPERATELY need this track! From your May 23rd mix at 1:12:50ish…That female vocal w/gospel organ “Hey, Boy!” Man, I have not been able to find that song ANYWHERE, and I don’t know the actual title. Can you PLEASE run that for me for about 4:30 and send a file? It would be MUCH appreciated, dude. Either mixed, or just a file of the actual track. I have been trying to find it for many years. When I tell cats I need “Hey, Boy!” by some chick who’s name I don’t know, I just get a crazy look! LOL Thanks, Darrel! Send to

  2. Klaus Michael Jackson Neumann

    Hi there JMJ Ur enjoy the forthcoming summer times .. ur music sounds the sommer near ur

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